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AirGon recognizes the incremental nature of internalizing sUAS mine site mapping and, to address this business need, created a program we call CONTINUUM®. We offer a program tailored to your specific ideas for transitioning to drone-based mine site mapping. For companies who want exposure to the technology but do not currently wish to internalize any aspect, we offer full sUAS mapping as a service. If you elect to internalize only the drone ownership/flying portion of the process, we can supply you with one of our AV-900 drones or fully support the mapping drone of your choice. As you gradually internalize more aspects of the process, we will be right there with you, assisting with learning the process and managing risk. We can take you from completely hands off to completely internal; no need to change vendors as your deployment model changes.

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A Risk Managed Approach to Deploying Drone Mapping

Mine site mapping, particularly volumetric analysis, is currently a long turnaround and expensive process. Many companies are already starting to employ drone technology to improve response time and reduce costs. Failing to employ this new approach could leave your company at a competitive disadvantage.

While the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Notice of Proposed Rule Making make it clear that the legal environment will be favorable to mine site drone mapping, the current state of technology leaves a lot of unanswered questions regarding the selection of the correct mapping hardware, the right workflows for data processing and the proper approaches to analyzing results. In addition to selecting the correct technology, there are also questions with respect to archiving and presenting data to stakeholders.

A low risk yet aggressive approach is to divide up the elements of a drone workflow and incorporate solutions in an incremental fashion. A prudent approach is to engage with a company who can actually fly a pilot project that results in actionable data such as volumetrics. The company should be willing to share the processes used in all parts of the workflow. This will enable you to plan a deployment strategy that fits both your budget and appetite for risk.

An incremental approach might begin with fully contracted services, move toward hiring a flier but doing some data processing in house and finally internalizing all aspects of the solution by acquiring an sUAS and processing software.

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