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AirGon LLC

9668 Madison Blvd., Suite 202
Madison, AL 35758

Canadian Office:
18 Kennett drive
Whitby, ON L1P 1L5

Phone: 1.256.461.8289
Fax: 1.256.461.8249
E-mail: sales@airgon.com

About AirGon

AirGon, LLC is the airborne micro metric mapping subsidiary of the GeoCue Group. GeoCue Group has been providing workflow and production solutions for sensor-based mapping since 2003. Formed by Jim Meadlock, the founding CEO of Intergraph Corporation and Lewis Graham, founding CEO of Z/I Imaging, GeoCue Group has a long history in providing tools and technology used in creating accurate mapping products from manned aircraft sensor data. GeoCue Group are now applying this reservoir of experience to the challenges of collecting metric mapping information using low cost technology.

Quarry with Infrared camera

AirGon is focused on creating metric mapping information from hyper-economical, small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS).

We offer a complete range of products and services aimed at rapid collection of accurate analytic data and the creation of 2D and 3D derivative products.

  • sUAS hardware platforms and mission control software (in collaboration with 3D Robotics)
  • Software solutions for generating 3D point clouds and ortho mosaics from small imaging sensors:
    • PhotoScan Pro from Agisoft
    • Pix4D Mapper from Pix4D
  • Analytic software for performing accuracy assessment, volumetric computations, visualization and generating derivative products such as gridded elevation models:
    • LP360 sUAS
  • Consulting services to assist clients with deploying and using sUAS micro metric mapping systems:
    • Mission Planning
    • Placing survey targets
    • Data acquisition
    • Data processing
    • Data accuracy assessment
    • Analytics and derivative product generation