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Direct Geopositioning for Drones

Loki is AirGon’s third generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Post-Process Kinematic (PPK) direct geopositioning system for drones. Unlike other direct geopositioning systems on the market today, Loki supports, in “plug and play” fashion, the ubiquitous Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 drones from DJI. Loki turns these low-cost prosumer drones into high accuracy, professional mapping platforms. Of course, Loki also supports high-end drones equipped with digital cameras from Sony, Nikon and others.

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Drone Collected Volumetrics

Fast, Accurate, Affordable

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sometimes called sUAS, UAVs or drones) along with exciting new image processing algorithms are enabling a fundamental change in how stockpile volumetric computations are performed. It is now possible to create accurate three dimensional models of stockpile areas using inexpensive cameras carried by a low cost sUAS. From these 3D models, volumetric computations are easily derived. These new technologies result in significantly lower cost of collection, improved accuracy and non-disruptive data collection. Best of all, they keep data collectors out of harm’s way with collection performed from a low altitude drone.

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Site Mapping

You can't manage what you don't measure.

Imagine the value of having 3D data for site planning with data only a day old.  Small Unmanned Arial Systems (sUAS) along with processing software provide the capability to do ad hoc site mapping.  Using base data layers of high resolution ortho imagery and colorized 3D point clouds, a wide range of analytic information can be quickly produced.  For example, areas of containment ponds along with shoreline contour models can be directly extracted from the sUAS collected data.  Ingress road slopes can be measured for equipment movement planning.  Water drainage modeling can be conducted for both planning and maintenance.  These are just a few examples of the wide range of use of sUAS collected site mapping data.

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Quarry site with Shapefiles around Stockpiles

Reckon Web Portal

Cloud Hosted Data Service

Current, Secure, Accessible

Many users of local area mapping such as surface mines and construction projects need to organize and track data over time (temporal analysis). In addition, the need often exists to provide access to users who are in multiple physical locations. The Bring Your Own Drone (BYOD) Mapping Kit includes a trial subscription to Reckon, AirGon’s Amazon Web Services cloud hosted data management and delivery system. Service providers use Reckon to deliver context and volumetric results to their customers whereas owner-operators can use Reckon to directly manage their analytic results. Reckon provides multiple site management, temporal data (for example, see volume data by site and by date), pdf volume reports and volume data downloadable in Excel format for direct use in planning and financial systems.

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